The Association's Archive covers the exhibitions carried out by the Jacqueline Vodoz and Bruno Danese Association, from 1993 to 2004, with every catalogue produced on the occasion of each exhibition.

It also contains the photographic archive with images of all the exhibitions, installations and works on display.

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  • Dichiarazione d’interni


    CIRVA (Centre International de Recherche sur le verre) Marseille

    Experience and Achievements of Gaetano Pesce

    22 April - 19 May 1993

  • Dichiarazione d’interni


    Interior Declaration: 25 Italian Homes from 1949 to 1993

    Curated by Bruno Danese, Manolo De Giorgi, Marta Laudani, Marco Romanelli, Jacqueline Vodoz

    26 November - 17 December 1993

    Jacqueline Vodoz and Bruno Danese Association/ Spazio Mostre del Politecnico, via Bonardi 3, Milan

  • number 0


    number 0

    Object-Environment. Reflections on Design through Eight Models

    curated by Bruno Danese, Manolo De Giorgi, Marco Romanelli, Jacqueline Vodoz

    11 - 29 April 1994

    The exhibition offers a moment of theoretical reflection through the presentation of a series of projects on the theme of interior design/décor.

    Designs by M. Bellei, Calvi-Merlini-Moya, M. De Giorgi, K. Grcic, Laudani-Romanelli, J. Morrison, M. Szekely, B. Vaerini

  • number 1


    number 1

    Paradigmaticity of the Decorative Arts. Objects from the Vodoz-Danese Collections.

    Curated by Bruno Danese, Marta Laudani, Marco Romanelli, Jacqueline Vodoz

    8 April - May 1995

    The exhibition includes about 100 objects, selected from the works of Franco Meneguzzo and DEM, glass by Fulvio Bianconi and works for Danese by Enzo Mari and Bruno Munari.

  • number 2


    number 2

    Theoretical Reconstruction of an Artist. Bruno Munari in the Vodoz-Danese Collections

    curated by Bruno Danese, Marco Ferreri, Marco Romanelli, Jacqueline Vodoz

    21 March - 18 April 1996

    "This is not an exhibition; it is the story of a life (Munari’s life), ...but it is also the story of a coming together between Bruno Munari himself, Jacqueline Vodoz and Bruno Danese. A lasting friendship that has become, over time, an art collection".

  • number 3


    number 3

    Umberto Riva: Moving from Painting

    curated by Bruno Danese, Marco Romanelli, Jacqueline Vodoz

    21 March - 14 April 1997

    First monographic exhibition of architect Umberto Riva’s pictorial research, from 1973 to 1996 "In short, I was an architect, attempting to transform it as much as possible into a profession related to painting and drawing".

  • number 4


    number 4

    Around Photography: 37 Frames for 37 Photographers

    curated by Marco Romanelli, with Bruno Danese, Marianne Lorenz and Jacqueline Vodoz

    Travelling exhibition:

    3 April - 30 September 1998, Associazione J. Vodoz and B. Danese, Milan

    25 September - 15 November 1998, Villa Contarini, Piazzola sul Brenta (Padua)

    18 - 24 January 1999, Galerie Brendt (Cologne)

    23 February - 1 April 2001, MAN-Museum of Art Province of Nuoro

    Starting with the formation of creative duets that combine the names of photographers known for their research with some of the most controversial contemporary designers, we have proceeded to create unprecedented and unique works, in which the photographic impact is modified by the design work, i.e. by "the frame".

  • number 5


    number 5

    Franco Meneguzzo: The Ceramic Adventure 1949-1963

    curated by Enzo Biffi Gentili

    9 April - 10 September 1999

    "Franco Meneguzzo belongs to the early stages of Danese's history and therefore critical analysis of his work helps to clarify a part of Danese’s own story, a one-of-a-kind experience which the Vodoz-Danese Association strives to divulge and render in a contemplatable and workable form".

  • number 6


    number 6

    L'Avion de Papier and Other Stories Jacqueline Vodoz, photojournalist 1953-1958

    by Manuela Cirino and Jacqueline Vodoz

    10 November 1999 - 28 February 2000

    "Jacqueline Vodoz was a photojournalist from 1953 to 1958. Her real tool is a tacit form of communication that is established with what or who she chooses to photograph. It is up to the camera to welcome and bear witness to what is happening".

  • number 7


    number 7

    The Watchman and the Sparrow. Interactive CD-ROM by Piero Almeoni, Biagio Bagini, Manuela Cirino, Roberto Marossi, Marcella Moia, Mauro Panzera, Marco Tami.

    12 December 2000 - January 2001

    "The chosen theme is that of home living, a logical setting for designers and architects, but this isn’t what it is about... The result is therefore a CD-ROM that offers space to discuss spaces and open spaces. A work that dwells within the confines of art, committed to reflecting on home living".

  • number 8


    number 8

    Le goût de la communication Images from the Danese historical archive 1957-1991

    Project by Jacqueline Vodoz

    21 March - 11 April 2001

    Digital multimedia projection on multiple screens by Studio Due Effe-Milano.

  • number 9


    number 9

    Impressions Graphiques. Graphic works by Giulio Paolini, 1967-2000

    Curated by Bruno Danese, Jacqueline Vodoz, Giulio Paolini

    17 May - 22 June 2001

    The exhibition showcases the progression of the many works across more than thirty years of graphic design to the present day, including a number of unpublished titles, with increasing and particular attention given to the shape of the book.

  • number 10


    number 10

    Mario Ballocco since 1949. Works from Mario Ballocco's archive and Vodoz-Danese collections

    Curated by Angela Vettese

    23 January - 8 March 2002


    "Painting is an expressive medium with a purely visual function. It is this function, the raison d'être of painting, which we know so little about and which, being at the roots of an infinite number of phenomena and laws, we should study in order to coherently expand the expressive medium".

  • number 11


    number 11

    Salvatore Licitra: Thoughts, Words, Works

    Curated by Giacinto di Pierantonio and Angela Vettese

    27 March - 10 May 2002


    "The idea of the exhibition is articulated around the peculiar concepts of the Milanese artist's work: space, sign, thought and form. In particular, this careful selection of works emphasizes the visual, graphic and conceptual dimension of the word: the letter becomes a symbol, structure, allusion and reflection, as well as the cornerstone of the creative experience".

  • number 12


    number 12

    Stefano Casciani. Monuments. Objects and Subjects 1979-2003

    Curated by Stefano Casciani

    27 March - 31 May 2003


    "Known above all for his critical work and for his efforts towards the dissemination of issues concerning design, art and architecture, Stefano Casciani carries out research and design work in parallel with his theoretical work, through a series of environments, objects and products made in series or as unique pieces".

  • number 13


    number 13

    Marco Ferreri

    Curated by Marco Ferreri

    6 April - 25 May 2004


    "Open the circle. An exhibition and a catalogue are an opportunity to revisit a bit of life. By arranging sheets and objects I was curious to follow the thread that binds things and people together...".