119 artworks: 68 drawings, 3 paintings, 48 glasses; 1934 - 1979

(Padua, 1915 - Milan, 1976) 

Graphic designer and glass artist. After settling in Milan, he worked as a graphic designer at the major publishing houses and in the early 1950s he ended up working permanently with Garzanti until 1975, designing covers and curating the company's graphics, before eventually taking over the artistic direction of the publishing house. At the same time, he produced graphic design works for companies such as FIAT, Marzotto, Pirelli, Rai, HMV and other well-known companies. After the war, Gi. Vi. Emme commissioned him to design the new perfume bottles and sent him to Murano, to work with Paolo Venini.

Later, and especially from 1957 onwards, he dedicated himself entirely to the creation and distribution of glass, collaborating with almost all the glassworkers in Murano, and beyond.