6 works: 3 kinetic sculptures, 2 kinetic editions, 1 serigraphy; from 1959 to 1974

(Milan, 1937 - 1993)

He studied at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. In 1959, he exhibited at the Azimut Gallery in Milan and founded Gruppo T (with G. Anceschi, D. Boriani, G. De Vecchi and G. Varisco), whose displays took the collective name of "Miriorama" followed by a sequential number, recalling themes held dear to the historical avant-garde movement revisited in the light of L. Fontana and P. Manzoni's research. His first solo show was "Miriorama 4" (1960), in which he exhibited his first kinetic works that required the direct participation of the viewer to be activated: ”Superfici in variazione”["Surfaces in Variation"], “Rilievi intermutabili”["Interchangeable Reliefs"] and “Strutturazione pulsante” ["Pulsating Structuring"]. In 1963, the members of Gruppo T participated individually in the creation of Nouvelle Tendance and the subsequent exhibitions of the movement.

In 1963, he was invited to the 4th San Marino Biennale “Oltre l’informale” and in 1964, he created a “Superficie Pulsante” ["Pulsating Surface"] of 25 square meters at the entrance of the exhibition at the Louvre in Paris for the exhibition of Nouvelle Tendance. In 1965, he joined the Nova tendencija group in Zagreb. At the XXXVI Venice Biennale in 1968 his "Spazio Elastico" [“Elastic Space”] space won the First Prize for painting.